Consulting & Engineering

We are convinced that a methodical yet innovative approach to our clients’ supply-chain issues is a fundamental lever to optimize their global performance. Our engineering consulting solutions allow us to undertake tailor-made studies to clarify the issues and problems of our clients.

In accordance with our ambition to contribute to the improvement of our clients’ performance, we can accompany you on several levels:

  • Before your calls for offers, your transport and logistics consultations to help you optimize your logistics plans
  • In the operational phase to help you clarify and solve a crisis, a major dysfunction at the lowest cost.
  • In the study phase of new logistics projects, new transport plans, new implantation or reconfiguration of logistics sites.

Logways engineering:

The study framework phase is the one in which we validate with our client, the problem, the concerned actors and the mission’s main stages. Logways can either act as project manager or contributor to the study.

Provisional volumes, commercial strategy, supply-chain data, transport plans, regulatory data, technical data, implantations, disputes, incidents…

Primo-analysis of the issue by Logways’ teams through 5 angles: context, regulations, organisation, material and human.

Suggestion of solutions with project roadmap or action plan by stages and evolutionary.

Logways can accompany its clients in all or parts of the phases:

  • Additional technical investigations: meetings with operational and technical experts, exchange of raw data, site visits
  • Solution design
  • Tests and measures
  • Stage recap and conclusion

Case study :

How to avoid stagnation in a dispute situation?
  1. Context: You experience recurrent material damage on your means of transportation. They have an impact on your conveying deadlines and constitute a risk for your image.
  2. Shared ambitions: assess the major accident risk, accompany the decision making and offer alternative efficient solutions, with a controlled budget.
  3. Logways’ input:
    • Qualitative study: collecting information from the various actors concerned.
    • Study analysis: cause scenarios.
    • Recommendations: relevance of action and investments to be carried out.
How to be part of the change factor in logistics’ organisation?
  1. Context: One of your suppliers decides to change his production and distribution service organisation schedule.
  2. Shared ambition: this change in organisation is the opportunity to optimize the solution. We commit to, a minima, maintain a solution at the same full costs (logistics + in process and stocks).
  3. Logways’ input:
    • Our global approach: integrating the other flows of your supply chain, clients and suppliers.
    • Our modal expertise: In Situ logistics, road, rail, handling.
    • Our regulatory knowledge: conditioning, loading, transport conditions.
    • Our neutral and objective solutions: only your performance counts.

Our mission : Our business is to help you be successful in yours!

Ghislain Billaudel

CEO of the Delcroix-Logways Group