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Maritime Transport

Conventional maritime transport is unavoidable when you want to import or export consequent bulk volumes, heavy or out of gauge equipment… This applies to important distances notably internationally and even more so when the concerned loading or unloading sites are near harbors.

Logways integrates a complete expertise in conventional maritime transport that, associated to our other know-how, enables us to offer a wide range of ships, integrated services or not, competitive freight rates, reliable and proactive daily service.

We accompany you to better master your maritime logistics.

Solutions adapted to your needs

We design the solution that will be the best for your supply chain’s competitivity.

Our shipowner network enables us to offer a wide range of ships: from the 1 500 Ton Coaster for short-sea to the 65,000 ton Panamax for very big volumes and long distances, at competitive freight rates.

We identify the right ship for your sizes of batches sent or your heavy/out of gauge equipment.

For example, for Europe to Asia deep-sea transfers /<2,000 ton bulk sent batches, we will direct you towards a combined maritime solution.

Also, the issues linked to this type of transport are closely linked to the conditions of loading and harbor layout. Our “risk management” expertise, charter-party, insurances ad valorem allow us to free you of demurrage risks and merchandise damages in most maritime harbors.

Finally, we can provide you with our engineering expertise to redefine your maritime logistics strategy (conditioning, sent batches optimization, choice of harbors, handlers sourcing and storage, contractualisation etc…)

A reliable and proactive service

Enjoy an operator who follows your case.

Maritime transport is subjected to weather hazards. We integrate your time delivery constraints, in order to plan as best we can your loadings according to transit time variation risks. You are informed in real time of the loadings, unloading, ETA changes. According to your needs, we can coordinate loading and unloading operations in order to best preserve your interests.

Our maritime expertise for tailor-made solutions, designed with you according to :

Your business and supply chain have their specificities. We must take into account:

  • the possible seasonality of your demand, your clients and/or suppliers’ issues, your incoterms, your customs conditions,
  • the network of your production sites, your supplier sites, your clients’ sites, your production capacities, storage, possible transit time constraints, your Just in Time sensitivity,…

Your goods have their specific characteristics and may require particular treatment. They require a study enabling us to:

  • determine the technical conditions of maritime transport, pre and post road conveying, regarding different regulations,
  • accompany you in the choice of ships, handling tools and road equipment.

Any bulk or out of gauge maritime transport operation requires specific handling and thus, harbours offering this type of service.

If you do not have port solutions, Logways will accompany you to find the appropriate handling and storage solution in the right port.

If you already have solutions, Logways can study their optimisation and coordinate operations.