Managing Partners

Concerning operational partners’ management, Logways develops a simple yet efficient procedure: precise qualification, firm commitments, qualified and maintained know-how, regular follow-ups.


Logways qualifies its partners.

  • Technically: their expert know-how on the concerned area is a prerequisite
  • Financially: stability, viability is measured by financial studies
  • Operationally: their experience is approved by reference taking on their ongoing activity
  • Economically: their rates are challenged at the beginning of the relation and in the long run by improvement plans

Logways supervises interventions.

  • Detailed description of needs and definition of solutions in normal mode and anticipation of degraded modes.
  • Provision of interfaces with the other partners and your sites affected by the supply chain.
  • Written formalization of Spot operations: description, quotes, terms and conditions, and signed agreement.
  • Contractualisation for regular operations: guidelines, general and particular clauses.
Qualification & Training

Logways et ses partenaires partagent des valeurs, des compétences et une même éthique.

  • Logways and its partners share values, skills and the same ethics.
  • The DELCROIX-LOGWAYS group has its own certifications whose spirit and letter (via our operational modes and documentation) are transferred to our partners (link to certifications pages);
  • The group opens training sessions for partners’ operators.
  • Logways provides the possibility to specify and finance other specific essential training sessions for the partner’s operators.
  • Logways is currently working on setting up a quality charter or even establishing a partner label
Follow-up & Continuous improvement

Logways takes responsibility and audits without interfering in partner companies’ management.

  • In the fore-project phase: starting plan approach led by Logways’ project managers.
  • The sensitive points of the first achievements are followed by Logways’ teams in the field.
  • The operations are then followed at each step with alert systems.
  • Dedicated reporting is set up and communicated to clients and partners.
  • Regular contract reviews are led for feedback, continuous improvement and improvement plans.