Achievements - Managing a Distribution Platform

Managing a Distribution Platform

In order to reinforce our client’s presence in the North of France, we designed and operate a tailor-made solution for him integrating his constraints related to weather conditions: 0 to 120 deliveries per day, between 40 and 100 KT delivered per year.

Managing a Distribution Platform - Achievements - Logways

Client Advantages:


We reduced the cost of a delivered ton by 10%.

Goods in process

We reduced the final client’s invoicing schedule.


Our client increased his regional sales by 80%, and national sales by 5%.


Our service rate reached 99.7%, thanks to a dedicated local operator and entirely computerized solution. Thus, no computer data recollecting is necessary and the delivery information is given in real time.

Carbon emissions

The road delivery itinerary was reduced from 400 to 120 km, so carbon emissions lowered considerably.