Projects & Works

Projects and works logistics aim to optimize all the supplies of an operation. This represents important sources of economic progress.

Logways strives to optimize the organization of flows of goods and information in order to reduce not only direct costs but also indirect costs (non-quality costs): security, quality of the finished works and the brand image of our client.

With its international network, Logways deals with the supply logistics for its clients, enabling them to focus on their core business.


For the projects and works it operates, Logways studies all the movements of necessary goods in order to facilitate transfers and increase the company’s competitivity, whether it is :

  • supplying a great number of heavy and bulky goods on site, in often difficult conditions,
  • ensuring the set-up at the lowest cost of a determined quantity of goods, at the right place at the right time,
  • studying, taking an inventory, analyzing, optimizing flows of goods and information,
  • coordinating contributors: project manager, suppliers, administrations, agents, customs…

Each work is a unique product for which we must consider : 

  • The goods’ characteristics (nature and quantity),
  • The goods’ origins,
  • The means and materials of transportation (road-rail-river-maritime-combined), including pre and post conveying,
  • Conditioning operations: sacking, big bags, liners…,
  • Handling operations adapted to the goods, to the terrain, to the climate…,
  • Possible storage platform,
  • Planning and coordination of interventions respecting issues and schedules
  • Potential constraints of suppliers, customs…,
  • In situ delivery (access, traffic, storage…),
  • Potential waste to evacuate.