Logways shows you here a successful collective mobilization: a rail supply chain solution designed and operated every week by the teams LogwaysThis solution allows the supplying of all raw materials of a factory by integrating the handlings on sites (departure and arrival) as well as the flow of rail transport, approximately 840 km, from North to Southwest of France, one turn-round per week all year.

In situ, the train is loaded by truck, the size of the train is flexible, from 14 to 18 wagons. Our train uses throughout its route various tractions: electric or diesel. Arrived at destination, we unload products and transfer them towards the factory. To make the most empty trips, finished gods are reloaded and transfered to the North. On arrival, we unload these finished products and put them in stock.

In case of incident or in case of maintenance on ways, we propose to our customer a solution of back-up by road to guarantee the production of his factory.

The logistics costs of our customer significantly fell, his stocks were divided by 6. Its imprint CO2 considerably improved, the equivalent of 1200 trucks being transferred on the rail.